4 June 2010 Finishing up the Annual

  IM002134 IM002135 IM002136 IM002138 IM002139  
  Nose gear retract rod totally off the plane Retract rod back on and boot half on.

  IM002140 IM002141 IM002142 IM002145 IM002146  
  Unattached part there has a new rod end. Rod end with a regular grease fitting (G in the part number) on the left, with a flush (FG in the part number) on the right. In tight spots, gotta have the flush. "X" in the part number means rod end hole and thread are different sizes. Know more now about rod end parts than I ever wanted to. Bob's usual position, with MiFi for wireless access. Was _really_ nice to have company all the time. Still up on jacks, nose gear is mostly re-attached now.

  IM002147 IM002148 IM002149 IM002150 IM002151  
  JoeB stopped by to help Bill and I take her off the jacks. Wow finally off jacks, after 6 weeks up in the air. Bill inspects main gear, adjusting the air in the strut. This is too inflated a strut. Bottom of the gear door should be lower down, at the middle of the axle. Off the jacks and ready to go. Notice gear door bottom is in the correct position now - struts are properly inflated. Tires are a little low but that's easy to fix.

  IM002152 IM002153 IM002154 IM002156 IM002157  
  Hurrah! Bob's other position in the hangar. He really did help a lot with the annual... Yeah I'm a geek too.

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